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Viva Vegetarianos: Taqueria Mi Guadalupe

By John DiGilio in Food on Apr 14, 2011 7:00PM


We have said it before, but some things simply bear repeating. Living on a vegetarian diet does not have to be boring or bland. All you need is an adventurous spirit, a palate to match and either a good dining guide or map of the city. Chicago is a food-lover’s oyster, and for the vegetarians among us it is literally stuffed with pearls. If you are craving good, authentic Mexican food, you can satisfy your hunger and your budget with a trip to Taqueria Mi Guadalupe in Rogers Park. Bland and boring step aside. The food here is excitante y caliente.

What was it that drew us in the door of this little, cozy taqueria on Clark Street? Was it the overtly and oddly spiritual name of the place? The hand-painted facade with its large image of one of Mexico’s most recognizable sacred icons? Maybe it was the tempting smell of spice that was trailing from its vents. Whatever the reason, our visit turned out to be a divine intervention of great food and awesome prices. Taqueria Mi Guadalupe’s menu has something for everyone: beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables and more exotic tastes (tongue, tripe, or pork skins anyone?). Any of these can be turned into tacos, tortas, burritos, sopes, gorditas, tostadas, and more. It is quite a menu for such a little place. They even serve breakfast!

We wandered in just around the noon hour, so we decided to give some of the smaller vegetarian bites a try. The veggie tacos were just $1.50 each and are packed with tasty grilled peppers, onions, and more. It would have only taken about three to fill us. The torta vegetariana ($3.99) featured grilled vegetables with rice, avocado, lettuce, and cheese on a soft roll. It too was flavorful and filling. Though an appetizer, the bean and cheese nachos could have almost been a meal themselves. Sadly, we were too full for anything more! We plan to make a few return trips to try some of the special dinner plates and, of course, the breakfast. Can you say huevos a la Mexicana for $5.00? Si!

Though our Spanish was poor and English was clearly not the tongue of choice in there, the service at Taqueria Mi Guadalupe was friendly and helpful. It was quiet during our visit - the perfect atmosphere for relaxing, exploring the menu, and watching the telenovelas while sipping horchata. Did we understand a word of the drama on the television? No. But then again, the only drama that really mattered to us what the interplay of tastes and textures on our plates and in our mouths. To that end, we were thoroughly engrossed. If Mexican soap operas are not your thing, the restaurant delivers!

Taqueria Mi Guadalupe is located at 7021 North Clark Street.