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Son of Ditka: Cops Singled Me Out Because of My Name

By Chuck Sudo in News on Apr 28, 2011 6:40PM

Michael P. Ditka
Given this area's idol worship of all things related to the 1985 Bears, you'd think having the last name Ditka would equal a "get out of jail free" card. To hear Michael P. Ditka, son of the legendary former Bears coach, that's not the case. Son of Ditka contested a DUI charge in Deerfield, claiming that police targeted him because of his famous name.

“If my name was Joe Smith, this would not have happened. I was not driving a car. I was parked. The keys weren’t even in the ignition."

Deerfield Police call BS on Son of Ditka's claim, claiming in the police report that they saw him stagger out of his Hummer H3 (not surprised a Ditka drives a Hummer) smelled strongly of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.

This isn't Son of Ditka's first incident involving drink. He pleaded guilty to battery in 1998 for pushing his girlfriend at the time because he was upset at a football game he was watching. Mike Ditka has had his share of alcohol-related incidents over the years, and it's a site policy for us to run this photo with every post related to Da Coach.

Looks like Son of Ditka inherited more than just his fathers facial features and widow's peak.