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By Sarah Cobarrubias in Arts & Entertainment on May 3, 2011 6:20PM

Part of Jamaica Plain collective Whitehaus, Many Mansions began in 2005 with the recording of their debut on 4-track cassette. Since then, the band has blossomed into an amorphous eletro psych-pop assemblage known locally for their home-made releases on cassette and CD-R and collaborations (with acts like Chicagoist favorite Truman Peyote). Unfortunately, they don't often wander far from their Boston neighborhood, so their off-kilter grooves go largely unheard around these parts.

Their latest release, Whales, is a 4-track EP of ambient soundscapes and funky, synth-driven beats. The album opens with a low, rhythmic vocalized murmur that runs through the entire first track, “Whales pt. 1.” This hazy, blissful feel - sort of like what the inside of a womb might sound like - is a constant throughout the album. Perhaps the album’s strongest track, “Whales pt. 2,” takes the album in a much funkier direction. It opens with a tribal drum beat and slowly develops the melody, experimenting with organ, Jew’s harp, glitchy synth sounds, wah pedal, and ultimately the sound of a mooing cow.

The album, like most of Many Mansions’ work, is mostly instrumental. The repetitive rhythms, afrobeat hooks and swirling psychedelia make for the perfect soundtrack to an acid trip or interpretive dance.

If you haven’t been to Panchos since it began regularly booking music, there’s no better time than this Thursday. Along with Many Mansions (headlining), the line-up features pop collective Quiet Hooves and psychpop weirdos Bubbly Mommy Gun, both hailing from Athens, Georgia. Also playing are local dreampop duo Architecture and psych jammers Nude Sunrise.

Coincidentally, Thursday is Cinco de Mayo, so show up early and enjoy some cheap but delicious Mexican/Cuban cuisine at Cafeteria de Pancho (we recommend chicken tacos and café con leche), before heading over to the adjoining venue for a full night of music and maybe a few mojitos.

MP3: Many Mansions “Whales pt. 2”

Many Mansions play Thursday, May 5 at Panchos, 2200 N California, 8 p.m., $5, 18+