Chicago Missing from Hipster Map? An Honest Mistake

By Chuck Sudo in News on May 11, 2011 7:20PM

The Post-Grad Hispter's Guide to Inhabitable U.S.Cities by Kate Gillet at The Rumpus.
Illustrator Kate Gillet created this map of the best cities in the United States for post-graduate hipsters to live, which is noticeable for the absence of one Midwestern city.

Before you start pouring one out for the demise of the hipster in Chicago, be advised: they aren't extinct, just migrating. We came up with a list of phrases to use so when Gillet adds Chicago to the list, she has some ready made to choose from.

Benjy: Chicago "Lots of bike lanes for riding my fixie to the new microbewery/gastropub that just opened" Illinois
Steven: Chicago "People will appreciate that I minored in bacon" Illinois
Tankboy: Chicago "Malort" Illinois
Anthony: Chicago "Did you know you could get vegan deep dish pizza?" Illinois
Prescott: Chicago "Silently co-opting Brooklyn hipster culture a year later" Illinois
Sarah: Chicago "It takes an hour each the morning to look this homeless" Illinois