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For Healthy Baking, B True to Yourself

By John DiGilio in Food on May 11, 2011 7:40PM

Baked goods are the downfall of many a healthy eater. There are few things as deliciously decadent as freshly baked cookies and cakes. Sadly, they are not often the healthiest of choices. Baked goods tend to be high in sugar, processed carbs, trans-fats, and even preservatives. Of course, this does not have to be the case. Thanks to the culinary artistry of the folks at B True Bakery, pastry lovers can now be true to themselves.

B True Bakery takes those time-honored treats and turns them into healthier options without sacrificing flavor or texture. Absent are the trans fats and processed flours that transform some of our favorite baked goods into unhealthy, empty-calorie foods. The folks at B True use only natural ingredients that they source locally. As a result, their menu changes with the seasons. From cookies to muffins, cakes, scones and breads, they offer a tempting selection of confections that are preservative free. Judging by our first experiences with B True’s baked goods, we cannot imagine them sitting around long anyway. Yes, they are that good.

We encountered the B True team at a recent farmers’ market in Rogers Park. It was tough choosing from the tasty-looking array that was laid out before us. The cookies all looked big and chewy. The loaves looked equally substantial. Our first choice was a snickerdoodle made from whole wheat. Any concerns we had about whether these healthier versions would taste as good as the sugar-laden originals were immediately put to rest. It was delicious; just the right amount of spice and crunch to make us smile from the inside out. Just as wonderful was the peanut butter buckwheat cookie. We had real reservations about the sound of this one and they were unfounded for sure. The cookie was soft and peanutty. There was not the slightest hint of the cardboardiness that buckwheat is wont to produce. Finally, it was the filling texture of the cranberry almond oat cookie that put us over the edge into full-bellied-bliss. It’s fruit and nut flavor seemed to call out for a good cup of coffee and a comfy chair.

B True Bakery operates out of a private space here in the city. So if you want to get a bite of what’s coming from their ovens, you have to know where to look. Farmers markets in Andersonville and Lakeview are favorite haunts for the B True team. Local cafes and grocers are also getting in on the action and offering B True baked goods to an increasingly health conscious clientele. You can find a full list of retail and market locations on their web site, along with a menu and catering info. If you are dying to have your baked goods and eat them too, without the guilt, then do yourself a favor - be true to your sweet tooth and check out B True Bakery.