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From the Vault of Art Shay: Chicago Winners

By Staff in News on May 11, 2011 4:00PM

The best advice I ever heard the wisest and lowest profile billionaire I knew, dispense: "As you go through life you'll become aware that most people are losers and they tend to be boring. If you stick with them in business or social life, their knack for losing will rub off on you, and you will become a bore. Or a null area on the dial.

"A few people you'll meet will be winners. They're generally bursting with energy and ideas. They are omnivorous about what it is you can teach them.Not what they can teach you. Be interested in other people. If possible, do everything you can to associate with winners. Winning is somewhat harder to transmit, but when you hang out with winners it becomes easier for you to win."

My profession, photographing the achievers - like billionaire philanthropist Sid Port quoted above - but also the losers of my time, like poor Adlai Stevenson and rich Richard Nixon. has given me a front row seat on both breeds in the past 60 years or so.

As usual, Sid Port (more on him another day) was right.