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Punch A Hipster Day?

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on May 31, 2011 6:40PM

Photo by Clayton Hauck
This seems more like a someecards holiday than a Hallmark holiday; June 1 marks the first annual Punch A Hipster Day. According to the day's "organizers":

The plague has spread, and it's name is hipster. Any time you see that guy standing on the side of the street or back of the crowd, smoking his joint and drinking his soy milk in his neon pink tights, you know what to do.

Now we're certainly not endorsing you take any action on behalf og this new holiday. Heck, a number of our staffers (this correspondent included) have been mistaken for hipsters in the past and we certainly don't want to be met by a fist to the face tomorrow morning. And that actually got us to thinking; does anyone actually self-identify as a hipster? We've known plenty of hipsters in our time but we can't think of a single one that would actually admit to it. Well, except for Liz Armstrong, but she'll do anything for attention.

No word yet on whether or not this person is behind the exhortations behind this new holiday.