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We'd Like to Hear Palin's Take on Chicago History...

By JoshMogerman in News on Jun 4, 2011 7:00PM

Sadly, it does not look like Sarah Palin’s One Nation bus tour will be swinging through Chicago. No doubt you’ve seen the video from the Boston stop and her…interesting…take on the legacy of Paul Revere. Thank goodness he was there to ring those bells and warn the British about our guns! It’s a bummer that we won’t get to see how she would mangle a retelling of our fair city’s unique history. Still, it is fun to imagine the potential Bizarre-o versions that could have been…

  • “I think it is so cool that Ronald Regan lived here as a child, so they erected a giant jelly bean statue in his honor.”
  • “Jean Baptiste Point du Sable was Chicago’s first Black Mayor. Was he before or after Al Capone ran this town?”
  • “I think it says a lot about America, the way the media goes after us Mama Grizzlies and blame us for so many things unfairly. I mean…look at Mrs. O’Leary gettin’ accused of setting that fire so many years ago.”
  • “It is amazing what this City has done with its river. A century ago it was reversed, but I am more impressed that you have kept it green to show respect for the contribution that the Irish have made here.”
  • “Of course Obama taught at University of Chicago---that’s where they had the first nuclear disaster.”
  • "Wait, this town has been home to Common, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey and Obama. What's wrong with you people?"

Surely you can do better Chicagoistas… What parts of this town’s checkered past would you have liked to hear her weigh in on? Show us whatcha got.