Dim Mak's Pickle Patch Tour Rolls Through Chicago This Friday

By Jake Guidry in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 14, 2011 7:40PM

2011_06_picklepatch.jpg Steve Aoki's popular electro label, Dim Mak, has partnered with Scion to bring you the Pickle Patch Tour, a three-week long, cross-country display of some of Dim Mak's top artists. The tour features Autoerotique, Peacetreaty, Rob Roy, Scanners, Ali Love, and New Ivory, along with special guests along the way. The Pickle Patch Tour hits Beauty Bar this Friday, and in keeping with Scion's traditions, the night will be free with RSVP.

Highlights for Friday's show are Ali Love and Autoerotique, the former whose vocals have been featured on tracks from Chemical Brothers and Justice's newest single, "Civilization". Ali Love also has a solid catalog of tracks to his own name, some of which channel '80s-era Prince, a distinction we're always OK with. RSVPs should be plentiful, so be sure to arrive early.

Pickle Patch Tour is this Friday, June 17, at Beauty Bar, 1444 W Chicago, 10 p.m., FREE w/ RSVP, 21+