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Snapple Apple .... Has No Apple in it

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jun 27, 2011 6:40PM

2011_6_24SnappleLogo.jpg File this under "strange packaged food facts." Consumerist informed us last Wednesday that the ingredients list for Snapple Apple Juice Drink does not include any apple at all! We've enjoyed the drink in the past, so we were a bit flummoxed to realize that the only juice in it was pear juice, and that at only 10%! When confronted, the company responded with a very terse letter which included the line "If you have a concern regarding the intake of this product, we suggest that you contact your health care provider." Whoa.

Consumerist goes on to point out that "Juice Drink" is the important escape valve. If something is called a "Juice Drink" it only has to have 5% juice and it doesn't have to be the juice in the name or the picture. We've talked about the shenanigans that come up with these strange food-related names before. "Juice Drink," join Processed Cheese Food, hormone-free chicken and Ultra-Premium vodka in the universe of labels that don't mean what they seem to mean.

We'll definitely be looking more closely at our juice selections in the future. It's not that Snapple Apple is dangerous in any way - it's just sugary water. But if you're drinking it thinking you're getting a hit of healthy, juicy goodness, think again.