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Food Truck Freak Helps You Find Trucks Without Twitter Fuss

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jul 18, 2011 2:30PM

2011_7_18FTF.jpg This morning, a new food truck locator for Chicago launched its way onto the web. But it's neither a new mobile app nor a simple Twitter aggregator. Food Truck Freak helps you follow 18 of your favorite food trucks using one simple website. Even better, it helps you plan for the future, rather than waking up in the morning and realizing that a cupcake truck happens to be parked outside of your office.

They do all the data aggregation for you. As the trucks post their schedules, Food Truck Freak incorporates the information into their system. It even includes the various food truck gatherings multiplying across the area - food truck Tuesdays and Thursdays. They also have a (surprisingly good) blog about food truck gossip and policy, as well as reviews of the various food trucks. You can even submit your own.

For us, this is a lifesaver. Founder Alex Levine commented, “I love the food truck scene but always found it a bit of a hassle to track trucks down.” So do we. Our normal locations are not in the loop or in river north, meaning that if a food truck happens to be near us on a given day, it's by total chance. Now, we can check on Monday morning and plan our week. For example, we now know that today, 5411 Empanadas will be at the Leo Burnett Building and that Haute Sausage will be at Dearborn & Monroe. The system isn't quite perfect yet - some trucks don't release their schedules far enough in advance, and others don't give times, only locations. But it certainly makes things easier and clears up our twitter feed.

The website is free to use, though it accepts donations. Get your freak on today!