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Movie to Musical Madness

By Michele Lenni in Miscellaneous on Jul 25, 2011 6:20PM

ArnoldSchwarzenegger.jpg A few weeks ago we received a press release that both piqued our interest and ticked our funny bone in three little words: Predator the Musical. There are probably few transitions from film to musical that conjure thoughts of the cigar-chomping Austrian institution Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting aliens with AK-47's and classic one-liners like, "You're one... ugly motherfucker!" Imagine that as a chorus, yikes. Well as we further discussed the sudden phenomenon of serious dramatic, and or, action films to all out singing and dancing extravaganzas we had a few ideas of our own. Take a look at what we came up with and we'd also absolutely love to hear your ideas.

Scarface The Musical - "Say hello to my little friend...My Dancing Feet!"

Last Year at Marienbad The Musical - Only includes one song, repeated endlessly with slight variations in lyrics: "I've Seen That Face Before." Only instrument in the orchestra: pipe organ.

Dude, Where's My Car? The Musical - "Dude... Seriously... Where is my car?"

Brown Bunny the Musical - The journey of a jerk who drives across the country not falling in love with women, features a daring final act where an actor in a Roger Ebert costume interrupts the on-stage fellatio and is berated by the principal actor as the final curtain falls.

Police Academy the Musical 1-7 - They could run a different show each night of the week; but only if they can get that guy who makes the sound effects.

Here are some other of our favorite movie to musical adaptations:

Predator The Musical

Conan the Barbarian The Musical

Taxi Driver The Musical