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"Skynet/The Matrix" Continues to Impress at Moto

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jul 25, 2011 6:00PM

When we first visited iNG, we were more impressed by the computer systems than the food. Well, the computer, which iNG servers refer to as "Skynet" (is that creepy or awesome? will it poison us?) has just gotten even better. Chef Cantu is just about to release a new system into the world, which he calls "The Matrix." He gave us a hint of this a few months ago, saying that he planned to distribute the amazing software that runs the complex menus at Moto, and now it's ready to go. The Feast got a full-scale run through of the software last week, and it's worth watching for any foodie, nerd, or foodie nerd. And yes, it can also play Pandora.

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