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Staff Picks: Restaurants to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

By Anthony Todd in Food on Aug 10, 2011 3:30PM

Yesterday, a strange, heart warming or terrifying (depending on how you look at it) story hit Gawker about the London riots. Rioters attempted to invade a Michelin 2-star restaurant, and the staff, normally concerned with crystal and linens, fought them off with rolling pins. Things are getting scary over there, folks, and we hope that it ends as soon as possible. Frankly, the restaurant angle seemed a bit too much like a bad movie - so of course that's exactly what it put us in mind of! It got us thinking: if we had to ride out something really bad, say a zombie invasion, which restaurant would we want to hide in? Which chefs would we count on to defend us?

Rick Bayless/Xoco Anthony: I'd like to think Rick Bayless would use his soothing TV voice to lure them into a boiling vat of churro chocolate. Kimberly: I always imagined Bayless just smiling while putting the lights out on someone with a Vulcan Death Grip.

Kuma's Corner Kuma's would let anyone in to find shelter as long as they didn't mind waiting for a table. And the wait would be worth it. Also, if anyone ever breached the perimeter their entire staff could take them out. Tankboy

Grant Achatz/Alinea Grant Achatz would stab them with a fork made of capsicum-infused salt crystal... his take on rubbing salt in the wound. Benjy

James Toland/The Black Sheep Based on his recent interactions with the press, we're pretty sure Toland is a very, very tough man. Plus, what with the lack of kitchen staff at the Black Sheep (at least until yesterday) there'd be plenty of room. Unfortunately, he may mistake them for a punk band and invite them in for dinner. Anthony

The Fountainhead Haven't you seen Shawn of the Dead? A good, wood-paneled pub is the only place to hide from an invasion. Plus, if I go, I'm taking the Glenlivet 30 year old scotch with me. Anthony

The Butcher & Larder I'd go to Butcher and Larder: Do you think those knives and cleavers only work on pigflesh? Wanna bet? Caitlin

The Bedford Easy-to-overlook entrance, a CVS upstairs in case you need a toothbrush or something, and a bank vault to hide in once the situation gets really dire. Roger

Tamali Space Charros I'm hiding out with the tamale space ship dudes, we can keep operations on the go and call to the mothership for help if needed! Plus, those luchadores dudes look tough! Minna

The Signature Room Where better to hide from zombies than on the top floor of a huge building? Unfortunately, if the elevators die, you're kinda trapped - and how will Chef Patrick Sheerin get his local produce then? Anthony

Wiener Circle The women behind the counter at Wiener Circle would bitch them out and insult their mothers until they cried, then chuck hot dogs at them before jamming sport peppers in their eyes and dumping the boiling hot dot water over their heads. Benjy

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