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Ta Ta Tahoes: What Should Chicago Police Be Driving?

By JoshMogerman in News on Sep 18, 2011 7:00PM

What car model would you like to see emblazoned with this logo? [-Tripp-]
Chicago isn’t exactly known for challenging terrain, so it struck us as odd when the Chicago Police Department started buying up Chevy Tahoes like there was no tomorrow during the Daley Administration.

Apparently we were not alone. With Chicago afflicted by the highest gas prices in the nation, the Sun-Times reports that there might be a movement afoot to move away from the massive SUVs in the police motor pool. That 11-mpg is pretty pathetic---especially for a City which is always trying to burnish its green bona fides. Even worse, apparently beat cops think the Chevy tanks perform badly in winter weather and are a pain to maneuver on tight Chicago side streets. The City bought almost 350 of them last year, but less than a dozen through August of this year.

The budget crunch will surely keep additional car purchases to a minimum this year, but the cops will need cars eventually. As Sam noted yesterday, the classic police cruiser is also on its way out with production halted on the Crown Victoria. We have noticed Illinois State Police and University of Chicago Police cruising around in fairly macho-looking Dodge Chargers of late. But we ask you, oh wise Chicagoistas---if Tahoes and Crown Vics are out, what should Chicago’s finest be using to keep our streets safe?