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Ware Debuts Exclusive Comic through McSweeney's iPad App

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 23, 2011 6:25PM

Chris Ware

We know there are some fans of Chris Ware who also read McSweeney's and have iPads. today is your lucky day.

Ware has produced a comic strip called Touch Sensitive, but it's exclusive for iPad users who use the McSweeney's app. (Download the McSweeney's app at the iTunes store.)

This would probably be a good time to download the app, as it also comes with a one-month subscription to the Small Chair, a weekly selection from all branches of the McSweeney’s family. As developer Andres Zecher notes, it may be the only exclusive comic Ware draws for an iPad.

Ware attempts to address how, in some relationships, the act of touching seems to shift over time from that of affection to aggression. Chock full of his trademark constipated drawings and strained, overwrought text, the reader will also be pleased not to afterwards find him- or herself laden with a pamphlet or book to discard the next time he or she changes apartments, homes or relationships; like the 99 cents that instantly vanishes from one’s bank account upon purchase, all 14 speedily-swipable digital “pages” with their tucked-away animations and mildly disorienting transitions may easily be wiped from one’s computer’s memory with precisely the opposite degree of difficulty which one simply cannot forget that night of screamed obscenities at one’s (now ex-) girl- or boyfriend.

Guess we should go ahead and buy an iPad, huh?