Ira Glass Gets Blackout Drunk, Pukes On Self

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 28, 2011 4:20PM

Photo via Ira Glass' Facebook page
Ira Glass appears on this week's WTF podcast with Marc Maron that was recently taped live at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Glass admitted feeling a bit weird about being in the room since just a few days before the taping Glass also appeared on the same stage for The Drunk Show during Eugene Mirman's Comedy Festival. According to Glass:

Basically the gig was we were supposed to get progressively drunker over the course of the show. And I remember the first fifteen minutes of the show ... and then I remember nothing else and woke up the next morning, in my clothes, smelling of vomit.

Listen to the whole sordid tale, including the recounting of the actual real life building of a drunken human pyramis including Eugene Mirman, Jen Kirkman, John Hodgman, Kurt Braunohler, Jessi Klein and of course, Ira Glass! And the tale of Glass' wife drunk dialing his cousin, the composer Philip Glass (including the "Philip Glass knock-knock joke")!

As Maron observes, "This humanizes you Ira ... I wish I could do a This American Life episode of you recounting that lost time."

We do too!