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Panda Riot Promise "Nightime Record" With Northern Automatic Music

By Jon Graef in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 30, 2011 3:40PM

2011_9_30_panda_riot.jpg Dance-pop-cum-psych-rock quartet Panda Riot debuted a new song on their Bandcamp titled "Serious Radical Girls," which the Chicago group says is from a forthcoming new album it's recording on the West side of the city.

Last year's Far And Near EP was full of bright, sunny shoegaze revival jams, but the new album, titled Northern Automatic Music, which the band estimates is 85 percent done, has a different vibe.

"If the Far and Near EP was our Daytime record, Northern Automatic Music is definitely our Nighttime Record," Panda Riot member Brian Cook wrote to us. Cook also said this album is the first that they're writing with a new drummer and a drum machine. "Serious Radical Girls" has more rhythmical punch than the past material. Check it out below: