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Prints And Maps And Chicago, Oh My!

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 28, 2011 3:20PM

It's Friday and we know none of you are really into thinking too hard right now (and that you're probably looking forward to an extended liquid lunch) so let's keep things breezy here. This week we're kind of into maps and artistic representations of where we're from. We're self-centered like that! Let's enjoy some art, shall we?

Print by Beth Manos and Mark Brickey

The print above of Wicker Park's lovely intersection of North / Milwaukee / Damen comes to us from "Buffalo-based husband and wife team, Beth Manos and Mark Brickey.*" It's pretty! And totally incorrect! Where are the gutter punks? And recycle trash cans stuffed with non-recyclables? And storefront art installations? And what the fuck is up with the Cubs billboard on the L bridge? How many other things can you find wrong with this print? Share the mistakes in the comments below!

And now, a map.

Crappy map by Joe Jarvis

Joe Jarvis was all pissed off because we ran this map earlier this week and not his. So now we're running his. And Joe, the only reason we didn't run your map is because we didn't want to tip people off to the fact the the River Styx runs through E-in-C Chuck Sudo's apartment. Jeez dude.

*Whom, we are pretty sure, are HIPSTERS!