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See Food: Taco Hell at Lula Cafe (with Rick Bayless as the Devil)

By Molly Durham in Food on Nov 1, 2011 3:00PM

Each year, Lula Cafe in Logan Square dresses up for Halloween. This year they decided to disguise themselves as the biggest disgrace to Mexican food that exists: Taco Bell. They didn't use the title, though - they were "Taco Hell."

They might have chosen to mimic a fast food joint that serves what is essentially dog food, but they amplified the quality by about 100 and charged only 3 times as much, which resulted in some awesome concoctions. We're pretty sure there won't be any controversy over the authenticity of Taco Hell's ingredients! Bringing in Rick Bayless to help out with the menu didn't hurt, either. Bayless was dressed up as the devil and was calling out orders at this counter-service pop-up, announcing things like "I will trade your soul for your food," through his megaphone.

The only thing they could have done to make this year's costume more authentic was have that Baja Blast Mountain Dew that seems to be sold exclusively at Taco Bell.