Video Shows Man Knock Out Older Man at Red Line Subway Station

By Chuck Sudo in News on Nov 11, 2011 8:20PM

2011_11_11_punk.jpg Chicago Police are looking for the man or, more accurately, punk, who was recorded in the video below punching out an older man at a Red Line subway station. It also brings back memories of the roving mobs that assaulted people in Streeterville during late spring and early summer.

The video shows the man, cheered on by his friends, as he tails the older man. The older man is then punched with such force that he crumples to the ground and his hat flies off. As the man and his friends board the Red Line, one of his friends mimics the punch, should of "he laid the fuck out," and "he knocked his ass out" can be heard and the man can be heard saying his victim was "homeless." As if that justifies anything.

The victim was treated and released at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Police are asking anyone who witnessed the battery or knows the assailant to contact them.