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Tumblr Website Celebrates Michael Jordan's Bad (Mainly Sartorial) Decisions

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Dec 16, 2011 3:10PM


It's never too early in the day to share something that will simply ruin your productivity at work because you'll keep revisiting for fear you missed something the first time you visited. To that end we present "What the F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing?"

This Tumblr website, as its name suggests, is dedicated to tracking the poor sartorial choices of the greatest basketball player of all time. And some of Air Jordan's fashion standbys, such as expensively ripped jeans and oversized blazers, are questionable for a man who's made much of his fortune endorsing Nike shoes and Hanes underwear. Dig a bit, however and you'll find that this site is also an online guide to MJ's proclivities for booze-and smoke-filled late nights chasing young tail. Michael Jordan is clearly enjoying the fruits of his labors, one bad pair of Sean John jeans at a time.

He probably wouldn't have it any other way.