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Deli-licious: Vinnie's Sub Shop

By Molly Durham in Food on Dec 20, 2011 10:20PM

Remember Bari Foods? Well, if you miss it while walking down Grand, there is another Italian deli you might encounter.

Vinnie's Sub Shop sits about a block down the road from Bari. No big meat counter here; Vinnie's specializes in sandwiches. Instead of huge hunks of meat or cheese, they've got pretty much every kind of chip or soda you could possibly want.

Their classic Italian is what you'd expect, but leaves us wanting something more. It has capocollo, genoa salami, mortadella, provolone and a choice of mild or hot giardiniera. All the classic elements are present, but it's missing the oomph we lust after when chasing down these delis. We went with the mild, as an experiment to see what it's like to down an Italian sub without our mouths on fire and that "it hurts so good" feeling. Honestly, we missed it.

For the more mild eater, Vinnie's is perfect. The bread isn't too crusty, the flavors aren't too strong and the price is on point (under $6 for a 9-inch sub). If you want your sandwich with a side of friendly-faced conversation, this is the place to go. They were even extremely nice when someone called in looking for Binny's, rather than Vinnie's. One big plus - Vinnie's actually has seating. So if you make the trek to get there, you can have the instant gratification of sitting down and devouring your sub, rather than waiting til you tote it home.

We don't know if Vinnie's is any sort of rival with Bari Foods, but we're on Bari's side. It's the clear winner.

Vinnie's Sub Shop is located at 1204 W Grand Ave.