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Man Charged with Duct Taping Daughter, Posting Photos on Facebook

By Chuck Sudo in News on Dec 21, 2011 8:00PM

Andre Curry (Chicago Police Department Booking Photo)
Here's your "WTF is wrong with people?" post for the day. A man from Englewood is being held on $100,000 bond because he thought it might be cute to post a photo showing his toddler daughter on Facebook—with her hands, ankles and mouth bound with duct tape.

Andre Curry, 21, decided to wrap his toddler daughter up with the tape after she was playing with it. He then took a photo of the father-daughter bonding time and posted it to Facebook.

Judge Laura Sullivan ruled this morning that Curry may not have contact with his 22-month-old daughter, or anyone else under the age of 18. He's been charged with aggravated domestic battery. The public defender assigned to Curry, Anand Sundaram, said the incident has been "blown out of proportion." A fFacebook friend of Curry told the New York Daily News that he was just playing with his daughter and that "(p)eople play with their children differently."

Probably, but then it was Curry who blew it out of proportion by posting the photograph to Facebook.

(Curry's profile has since been removed, but the photo is below.)

The photo Andre Curry posted to Facebook of his duct-taped daughter.