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By Michele Lenni in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 5, 2012 7:00PM

Oh Kanye; we can always count on you to deliver the whacked out goods on Twitter when we are having a slow news day. The flamboyant rapper took to his Twitter feed yesterday and delivered a completely crazed CAPS LOCKED crusade like we have never seen. West, who is known to pull out his #MACBOOKAIR on occasion and totally lose his shit, had the rant of all rants yesterday announcing everything from the formation of his new company #DONDA, named after his late mother, to his collaboration with film and video director Spike Jonze to his thoughts on #IPHONES and America's education system.

There must have been some #HENNESSY in the water because this rant spans two hours and almost 50 tweets. So because there isn't enough Xanax on earth to ingest and truly make sense of all of this cracked-out tweeting, we gathered screen grabs of some of the highlights. If you want to see the entire spiraling sprawl of insanity go to his Twitter account.