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Top Chef Texas Recap: BBQ Pits

By L. Stolpman in Food on Jan 5, 2012 8:20PM

Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Grueneberg, Edward Lee, Tylor Boring -- Photo by: Vivian Zink/Bravo

The show opens up with Ed reminding us that Heather won her car with his cake recipe. Sarah disapproves because Ed didn't mention this while Heather was there. We understand her point but also think that sometimes you don't say things to someone's face because that someone will gaslight the blazes out of you and steal your jewelry. (Whhhaahhhh???) Though we're impressed with Sarah's balls out cursing about Edward, which beats cryin'.

Quickfire Challenge. The chefs will be competing to impress chef (and judge) Nathan Myhrvold, author of Modernist Cuisine. The challenge: to create a dish that best demonstrates modernist cuisine. This appears to be right up Chris J.'s alley and he creates a dish that plays off of the changed palate that results from MBerry's Miracle Fruit tablets. Ty-Lor does a cube of watermelon with olive oil powder on top. Sarah makes a raviolo with an egg yolk inside. These three impress Chef Myhrvold. Beverly makes a foam and serves it on Padma's dress. Aww! We sort of love that Beverly describes foaming Padma and says it embarrasses her but then she bursts out laughing. Ha! Struggling in this challenge: Grayson, Beverly, and Paul. Winner: Ty-lor! He wins immunity.

Elimination Challenge. The chefs go to Salt Lick for BBQ. They form three teams of 3 and and are challenged to do three proteins: chicken, beef brisket and pork spareribs. They must also do two sides. All for 300 people. The chefs get a taste of Salt Lick's BBQ before they are shown their own BBQ pits and start cooking all night long. Has any other season of Top Chef required two full nights of cooking outside?

Pictured: (l-r) Paul Qui, Lindsay Autry, Grayson Schmitz -- Photo by: Vivian Zink/Bravo
Blue Team: Paul, Lindsay, Grayson. The Blue Team goes non-traditional and incorporates Asian ingredients into their dishes. Fish sauce and curry find their way onto the recipe. They get their meat into the smoker immediately. When Tom comes by, Grayson informs him that their food will be like "sex in the mouth." WELL THEN. This is served with Brussels sprouts and watermelon with fish sauce.

Red Team: Sarah, Ty-Lor, Edward. Edward complains that Sarah's southern accent is kicking into high gear. This won't be the end of their tension. Sarah does a Texas style chicken, Ty-Lor does Kansas City style ribs and Ed does a more vinegar based sauce for their brisket. At some point during the morning of service, Sarah overheats and her blood pressure spikes. She's taken away in an ambulance. Edwards thinks she should have pushed through it. We understand his frustration but aren't really sure how he expects Sarah to talk her blood pressure down. As a result of losing Sarah, Edward and Ty-Lor start butchering meat immediately and watch as the juices drain out and the meat begins to steam.

White Team: Chris J., Chris C., and Beverly. Chris J. does a beer can chicken. Chris C.'s handles the rub for the spare ribs while Beverly's does the cole slaw and beans.

Judges Table: The Blue Team gets called in and awarded the win! $15,000 to split. The Red and White are called in and given a run down of their weak points.

Red Team - Sarah's chicken was rubbery, Ed's brisket was steamed and rubbery. Ty-Lor's ribs were seasoned too heavily and didn't come off the bone. The judges disliked the orange mint in the coleslaw.

White Team - Beverly's cole slaw wasn't acidic or original enough for the judges. Her beans were undercooked. Chris J.'s chicken gets knocked for not being BBQ enough. The rib rubs by Chris C. are knocked for the Dr. Pepper content and being far too salty.

After deliberation, the judges decide that it's time for Chris C. to head home.

Next week: Restaurant Wars!