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By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 19, 2012 8:20PM

Photo of Andrew WK in a 2010 stop in Chicago by Clayton Hauck

Andrew WK. Classically trained pianist. Motivational speaker. Heavy metal party monster. A true icon for our times. Can you believe it was only ten years ago that he burst onto the musical scene with his propulsive debut, I Get Wet? Was it only a decade ago that this twelve song collection dedicated to conveying the message of just how important it is to party until you puke really is? In under 36 hyper-adrenalized minutes, WK took huge pop hooks and covered them in about 74 layers of over-the-top guitars before topping it off with his candy coated screams.

We saw him on the I Get Wet tour and it was truly something to behold. Any doubts that the man was delivering a tongue-in-cheek schtick were quicly put to rest when he played a show at Double Door. We swear he was drenched in sweat 0.6 seconds into his opening song and while the rest of the evening is a blur that's primarily due to WK's insistence on never stopping moving more than his constant urging to "PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!" (Though, admittadly, there was quite a bit of PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!-ing going on that evening.)

WK just announced he's going on a tour to commemorate I Get Wet, playing the album in its entirety, and he'll be stopping in Chicago at The Metro on March 25. So get your pumping fist out and primed because it's time to party.

Tickets for Andrew WK's Metro show go on pre-sale tomorrow, January 20. All info for other stops and ticket info is here.