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Edible Nerdiness: The Constitution of Cocktails

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jan 31, 2012 7:20PM


The folks at Pop Chart Lab have done it again. From the same folks that brought you "The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools" and "The Very Very Many Varieties of Beer" comes "The Constitution of Cocktails," a chart that will let you make pretty much any drink you want.

That is, you can make the drinks if you're good at reading charts. We nerds love it, but to normal people it kind of feels like an exercise on a standardized test. On the flip side, this may make a great sobriety test; no drinking unless you can follow the lines on the chart.

The poster includes the recipes for 60 different drinks, made from 40 different ingredients. If you use your magnifying glass, you can find the amounts of each ingredient. It includes all the standards (martini, manhattan) as well as some classics we've featured on Chicagoist (see: The Vesper). It even tells you what glasses to use for each drink.

The poster is on sale for $36, and is part of a limited edition of 1,000. Buy yours now.