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Top Chef Texas Recap: The Finalists Are Chosen

By L. Stolpman in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 10, 2012 7:20PM

Pictured: (l-r) Edward Lee, Sarah Grueneberg, Lindsay Autry, Paul Qui -- Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Welcome back, fans. We have been out of the country but have returned to recap this week's Top Chef Texas. Let's see what's going on!

Edward predicts that Beverly is returning to the competition. Sarah believes it will be Grayson.

Quickfire Challenge: The chefs walk into the kitchen and are soon joined by Beverly - winner of the Last Chance Kitchen. The chefs are given blindfolds and must pick their ingredients without the benefit of sight. Then they must use every one of those chosen ingredients in their dish. Winner can choose a new car or a guaranteed spot in the final four. The chefs fumble around the pantry, grabbing ingredients.

Beverly offers striped bass with avocado, lime and jalapeno. Paul did a sauteed prawn with Thai-style tomato salad. Edward presents "udon" with ribbons of zucchini, mushrooms and scallions. Sarah made corn soup with onion, red chili, roasted mushrooms and peaches. Lindsay made fish with bulgar wheat, marscapone and broccoli rabe. Winner is: Sarah. She chooses the guaranteed spot in the final four so she goes off to enjoy time with her mentor rather than cook.

Elimination Challenge. Mentors for each chef enter the kitchen. Chef Tony Mantuono for Sarah, Michelle Bernstein for Linsday, Chef Sarah Stegner for Beverly, Chef Tyson Cole for Paul and Chef Frank Crispo for Edward. The chefs are challenged to make a dish that would exceed the expectations of their mentor. Winner gets a new car and gets into the finale.

Beverly: Gulf shrimp and BBQ Pork Singapore noodles. The judges are fairly muted but Tom is impressed she cooked with a wok.

Lindsay: Seafood "stew" over toasted couscous and broth with emulsified cream. Judges think it was a nice job overall though Chef Bernstein questions the addition of cream to the broth.

Paul: Chilled sunchoke and dashi soup with summer vegetables. Tom remarks that this is unlike anything Paul has made previously.

Edward: Braised pork belly and smoked oyster crema with pickled vegetables. Gail states that he packed a lot of flavor on to the plate. Tom does not like the oyster sauce. The judges love the pickled vegetables.

Judges Table. Paul is praised by Tom for knowing when 'enough is enough' and not over-adding ingredients to his dish. Gail describes Paul's dish as a "well prepared, thoughtful dish." Beverly's dish is highly praised, as well. She explains that she used two woks to prepare the food. Paul and Beverly are told they have the favorite dishes and will be moving on to the final. The winner is: Paul! New car for a bowl of soup. Not bad!

The judges now look to Ed and Lindsay. Gail asks Lindsay about her addition of the cream and Lindsay explains that she believed the dish needed it to make the dish come together. Tom and Hugh comment on the dry herb flavor. Gail tells Ed that she loved the pickles but that the oyster sauce had something off about it. It comes out that the oysters were canned and Tom looks like someone punched him in the balloon knot.

Going home this week... Edward. He expresses some Beverly bitterness. We'll see how it shakes down in the finale!