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APPetizing - Beachbum Berry's Tiki+

By Anthony Todd in Food on Feb 14, 2012 6:20PM

2012_2_14BeachbumBerry.png After our appetite was whetted by the announcement that a major new Tiki bar would be opening in Chicago, we went looking for something to quench our thirst in the months before it opens. We've been fans of Jeff Berry's comprehensive and beautiful books for a long time, but now we can carry them with us wherever we go, thanks to the Tiki+ App.

The Tiki+ app has more than 150 drink recipes from the Beachbum's books, and includes the beautiful vintage photographs and historical anecdotes that make them such classics. The app's main screen lets you browse drinks by name, and the browse screen helpfully lets you see ingredients before you click through to a recipe. Once on a recipe page, you will find a picture of each drink and a brief description, along with a place to add your own notes - we've already adjusted a few quantities to our tastes. Even better for newer mixers, each ingredient links through to a definition and description, a particularly important feature given the wide variety of obscure (to normal mortals) rums that some of the recipes require.

The search function lets you pick a particular ingredient and sort for it, rather than browsing through the whole list - a great move if you happen to have some passion fruit syrup that you're trying to use up. Hey, it happens to us all the time. The only feature we wish for would automatically browse Ebay for the appropriate tiki mug for each recipe; maybe in the next version.

The app costs $3.99 - a bargain when compared to the cost of Berry's books. Go get it before your next party.