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How To Make Homemade Speculoos Cookie Butter

By Molly Durham in Food on Feb 15, 2012 7:00PM

Imagine that peanut butter and Biscoff cookies had a baby. That's Speculoos.

This Belgian cookie spread was invented in 2007 when the winner of the Belgian prime time TV show "De Bedenkers" concocted it, according to the Lotus Bakeries web site. It's made with 57% percent Biscoff cookies. For Nutella lovers, let us warn you: this might be even better. The lower sugar content allows you to down spoonful after spoonful without wanting to die. The spices are comforting. It's also preservative-free and vegan to boot.

Speculoos is starting to invade American stores. For those who haven't had the fortune of traveling to Belgium to experience it, or have friends who have and brought it back to you (this is how we found out about it), this is great news. We recently found it at the new flagship Walgreens store on State Street, but before that, had some trouble. Trader Joe's made their own variety during the holidays, but then we couldn't find it anywhere once they stopped. So naturally, we decided to make our own. The verdict? Awesome.

Someone figured out how to make cookies taste even better than their regular form, and we'd like to thank them for that. Think of it as a big handful of cookie crumbs, but creamier. Put it on pancakes or waffles, eat it plain, or bake with it.

Speculoos Cookie Butter Recipe

3/4 sleeve Biscoff cookies (about 24 cookies)
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup) coconut oil
a pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 teaspoons canola oil
1 Tablespoon skim milk


Grind the cookies into a fine meal using a food processor.

Melt the coconut fat and let cool down until luke warm. Add coconut oil to the cookie meal and process until combined. Then add sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, canola oil and milk. Process until combined, scraping the sides as needed. This could take up to 5 minutes, but stop whenever you reach your desired consistency. Play around with the oil or milk amounts if you still want it creamier.

This spread will harden in the fridge and it is best to let it stand 30 min at room temperature when serving.