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Son Of Ditka Skates On Fourth DUI Charge

By Prescott Carlson in News on Feb 24, 2012 10:20PM

Michael P. Ditka
At least one Son of Ditka has managed to avoid another DUI ding on his driving record.

Michael P. Ditka, offspring of former Bears coach Mike Ditka, was approached by Deerfield police last spring as he was sitting in his Hummer H3, and when Ditka was asked to exit the vehicle, the officer claimed Ditka reeked of booze. After being given a field sobriety test (which he failed), Ditka was slapped with a charge of driving under the influence.

But the fact that Ditka was not actually driving is the little detail that led to prosecutors throwing out the case on Friday. According to TribLocal, Judge Brian Hughes ruled that police had no cause to approach Ditka in his vehicle, and that the ensuing arrest was not "constitutionally reasonable." After Hughes denied to reconsider his ruling at the prosecutor's request, the DUI charge was dropped.

Good thing for Ditka—because of his previous DUI charges against him, the latest had been upgraded to a felony. If found guilty, Ditka could have been looking at seven years behind bars.

Another Son of Ditka, Mark E. Ditka, goes in front of the judge on March 7 for his third DUI charge last September. Unfortunately for Mark, his vehicle was in motion when Deerfield police pulled him over, so he won't be able to crib the notes from his brother's court appearance.