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Track That Truck!: Beaver Donuts

By Minna A in Food on Mar 14, 2012 7:00PM

Donuts fried fresh, on-the-spot, from a food truck! Wait… isn’t that illegal?

Not so, says owner/operators Nuccio and Gabe Wisen; while their mechanical donut fryer and flinger would normally violate City of Chicago’s ban on cooking on board food trucks, Beaver Donuts operates with a catering license and exclusively on private properties, like the lot of Big & Little’s and the parking lot at Wabash and Van Buren. These guys aren’t foreign to the food truck game: they’re also owners of the Midwest Food Trucks, LLC, a division of New Jersey-based Vending Trucks, Inc., selling and leasing food trucks in the region.

So how do these fried, flung dough balls fare? Not bad in our book. For these miniature bite-size donuts, fresh frying on board makes all the difference. It produces a warm, dense dough slathered in sugar or sprinkled with unique gourmet toppings. Topping combinations include the S'mores donut, drizzled with chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs, the Grandma, topped with honey and graham crackers and the Loco Coco, covered in chocolate and coconut.

Our favorite combinations include the Strawberry Bella, dripping with strawberry sauce and graham crackers, and the Nutella Dream, with strawberry and Nutella goodness toppings. Better still, smush one Stawberry Bella and one Nutella Dream for an indulgent donut bite. The icing on top? A rich, dark cup of coffee to wash down these cute donuts.

If a good, plain donut is what you seek, Beaver Donuts has these too. Their dense, soft mini donuts also come with “regular” toppings of cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and chocolate powder. A half dozen of the regular mini donuts will cost you $4, a dollar more for six of the gourmet variety.

For a full menu and schedule, visit the Beaver Donut website or track the truck by following @BeaversDonuts on Twitter.

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