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National Enquirer Blames Robbie Fulks For Drew Carey's "Bizarre Behavior"

By Kim Bellware in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 15, 2012 10:05PM

Drew Carey Photo Credit: DFree /

Few musicians can lay claim to being prima facie evidence that a celebrity has—in the words of the venerable National Enquirer—suddenly "snapped."

Chicago's Robbie Fulks earned the dubious distinction when last week when The National Enquirer cited him as proof comedian and current The Price Is Right host Drew Carey has gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

In late February, Carey posted an update to his Twitter page saying "my song of the day. LOL. "F*ck This Town" by Robbie Fulks."

The Enquirer's breathless "insider" commentary just makes things even better. Regarding the song from Fulks' 1997 debut sophomore album, the insider says:

"It drops the F-bomb five times in the chorus alone, uses other expletives and makes a derogatory remark toward gays."

The source continues:

"Many of Drew's fans are older women, and his management was horrified at the tweet. But the star told them it sums up his feelings about Hollywood and "he didn't give a damn what anyone thought."

While we don't see anything so wrong with linking to a great kiss-off song when you've had your city's fill of bullshit (in Carey's case, it's Hollywood so, we hear ya, buddy), Carey's "brazen" behavior goes far beyond his taste in music: he also lost 90 lbs., had eye surgery that allowed him to ditch his signature thick-rimmed glasses and started dating a much younger woman.

While you fetch your smelling salts, Fulks weighed in on his blog. In it, he says he hopes the Enquirer's empirical evidence really is proof of the crazies, since that would mean Fulks himself is of sound mind.

"I've gained 10 pounds in the last two years, have been sexing the same progressively aging woman since 1990, and have no particular fondness for the music of Robbie Fulks," he writes. "So what the hell am I doing in this cloud cuckooland called Wilmette, IL?"

While Carey's management allegedly called Fulks' song "outrageous," saying it "is sure to appall 90 percent of the people," Fulks brushed it off.

"The words in question, to be clear, are 'fuck' and 'faggot,'" writes Fulks. "Saying words like these 5 times in 15 seconds, as I do in the song in question, is no big deal. Busta Rhymes and Tech Nine are but two of many who have done it faster, and probably better."

To see if you can pass the Robbie Fulks crazy test, head to the Hideout, where Fulks plays a weekly Monday night residency, "Mondays With Robbie."

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