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Friday Morning Diversion: Supreme Ultimate Fist

By Kevin Robinson in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 23, 2012 4:20PM

T'ai chi ch'uan, or tai chi as it's known in the West, is a form of Chinese martial art that is practiced both as a defense training but also for its health benefits. This morning we look to Gotham City's chief crime fighter for instruction and guidance in the Chen style of tai chi, which is the oldest style, and the parent form of the five traditional styles of Chinese tai chi.

Aside from Batman practicing this ancient art atop our Sears Tower, (whose animation is based on a videotaped demonstration by Master´╗┐ Shu Dong Li), Chicago's connection to tai chi extends to our city's own South side, where many of our newest residents practice this ancient art in Bridgeport's McGuane Park, weather permitting.