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Track That Truck!: Duck n Roll

By Molly Durham in Food on Apr 2, 2012 4:00PM

Few places offer such varied dishes as slow-cooked Asian duck, gumbo and doughnuts. The Duck n Roll Food Truck just happens to be one of those few. On one truck you can get your Asian sandwich fix, satisfy your sweet tooth and possibly get a hint of southern comfort (thanks to their their current special gumbo).

Offering mostly bánh mì-style sandwiches, Duck n Roll was one of the first to fill this niche in a market that's rapidly filling up. Duck n Roll doesn't have the same availability for the office worker as most other food trucks; it's only camped out in the Loop two days per week. They spend their other days on college college campuses (Loyola and University of Chicago). But it's worth tracking it down wherever you may be.

Their duck mascot (which reminds us of the Twitter bird) is so cute that we probably already trusted them before tasting the actual duck. Let's start with the fact that the sandwich you receive is easily 12 inches long. When we ordered the Thai Curry Chicken Bánh mì, we got a long, thin, just-gooey-enough sandwich. It was full of chicken braised in a red coconut curry stock and topped with Asian slaw. It had just enough spice from the curry, and just enough crunch to go with the soft bread roll. We might have liked for it to be filled even more, but it's still a great price for such a large sandwich. Desserts on the truck include two doughnut options: Azuki Bean Cinnamon and at times, Banana Nutella. Forget the sandwiches, they had us at "Nutella."

Duck n Roll has been popping up all over town after hours. They held a pop-up dinner at Koval Distillery and have supported the arts with their delicious presence. We look forward to whatever fun happenings they have going on in the future.

Find out more on their blog and track them on Twitter. We only wish they came close to us more often.