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So, That Megadeth/Motorhead Chicago Craigslist Ad? Totally Fake

By Jon Graef in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 19, 2012 3:30PM


From the department of "Waa waaaa" comes news that everyone's favorite "hey, you might've knocked me up at a metal concert in Chicago" Craigslist post was indeed just done for the LOLZ, and was not the misguided work of a desperate soon-to-be-mom. Whew!

It was a distinct possibility all along—one noted by this writer, as "the brutal lack of transition between the tantalizing details of the hook-up to 'anyway, I’m pregnant' suggests a comedic mind at work."

Turns out, that instinct was a good one, as FUSE reporter David Shapiro got a hold of the young woman, a 23-year-old chef from Kansas (Kansas!?) who identified herself as "Crash" so as to not let her Internet shenanigans affect her work policy's no-media clause.

Shapiro asks: Why did she post the ad? The answer? Lolz:

I read some Craigslist Missed Connections posts and I found them funny, so I decided to put one up to, ummm... Make this boy laugh

And laugh he apparently did. Here's the interesting part:

And I’m pretty sure there were people banging at that concert, by the way, based on email responses from a few terrified concertgoers who thought that they had impregnated me. I may not be pregnant, but someone is.

So that's a relief! Um...

"Crash" also tells Shapiro that she received hundreds of emails, including requests for comment from the Chicago Reader and The Washington Post. She says she picked this show to write about because:

All the other concerts around that time were little dinky local band things or soft music or jazz. None of them really seemed like banging in the bathroom-type concerts. When I saw something about the Megadeth/Motorhead show, I was like, 'That’s the one.'

Shapiro lets "Crash" have the last word on his FUSE piece:

I just hope people know I wasn’t trying to mess with anyone, it was just supposed to be a silly thing that was never supposed to get this big. But I did it to make a friend laugh, and it worked. I’m pretty sure it made other people laugh, too. So as long as more people laughed than got upset, then I’ll be okay with it

Deal. As Shapiro himself writes, "I guess [I feel] a little relieved because there won't be, you know, a child born from a union in a Megadeth/Motorhead concert bathroom."

On the other hand, that would've been one really fucking metal kid.