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Let’s Twist Your Arm Into Watching Psalm One’s New Video, Featuring The Scantily-clad Chicago Outfit Roller Derby

By Jon Graef in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 30, 2012 3:20PM

2012_04_paslm_one.jpg Look, we know it's Monday morning, and that you're doing your best to focus intently on a fresh, new start this week at work, and are most certainly not cursing your case of the Mondays caused in part by the weekend's massive hangovers.

But, if we may, for a minute, distract you with the new video from Chicago rapper Psalm One for "Night Games," which she herself directed, and which features the scantily-glad likes of the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby, we'll promise you can get back to work right away. Pinky swear.

I mean, we're not ones to twist your arms into watching a slinky, funky cut from Psalm's mixtape from last year, Get In The Van, Volume 3, especially if it features a solid guest verse from ThaiOne Davis and a bevy of beautiful women rollerskating around in their underwear. What kind of asshole would want to watch that? I mean, there's TPS reports to file, right? Get back to work, perverts. (Audio uncensored, and NSFW. Visuals may depend on where you work).