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Sun-Times Sports Columnist Deletes Twitter Account After Sexist Exchange

By Chuck Sudo in News on Apr 30, 2012 2:13PM

Joe Cowley
Chicago Sun-Times Guillen family correspondent sports columnist Joe Cowley deleted his Twitter account Sunday after he posted a sexist rant that began because he was unhappy with a flight delay.

Or, as Cowley called it, "satire."

Deadspin did the heavy lifting in collecting the tweets.

Flight delayed because of “Mandatory Crew Rest.” God forbid anyone strains themselves handing out orange juice off a cart for an extra hour.

I’m more likely to see a Squatch before I see a hot flight attendant. Then again, I think the airlines are hiring Squatch’s to do that job.

Chick pilot. Should I be OK with that or am I just a sexist caveman?

Kid next to me looks like “Short Round.” Think I’ll give him a dollar to say to me, “You cheat, Dr. Jones!” #firstclassproblems

Cowley's tweets grabbed the attention of Sloane Martin, sports reporter at WCJW in Rochester, NY. Cowley's used that as an opportunity to, as they say in pro wrestling, play the heel..

@SloaneMartin I have a feeling Sloane is the next unfollow. But it’s a fact women followers stay attached to me longer. #MrHandsomeproblems

@SloaneMartin By the way Sloane, the chick pilot did good … Even though she had to come back and ask for directions twice…. Although something tells me she knew where she was going … Just more Mr. Handsome problems!

@cst_Cowley that was just the classy and unapologetic response I expected from you. Guess I’m an outlier b/c I only made it through 3 days

@SloaneMartin Three days? Not bad. And we didn’t even get to debate what a joke Title IX is… Another time … You’ll be back. #cantquitme….And when you come back, hottie up that pic a bit more. You look like the Russian icy villain from a 70s Bond movie. XOXO.

After that, Cowley took his Twitter ball and ran home; apparently Martin wasn't the only one who didn't get his satire. Deadspin also noted this wasn't the first time Cowley pulled the sexism card on Twitter. Hell, it isn't the first time he's acted like an ass.

In 2004, when he was covering the White Sox for the Daily Southtown, Cowley raised hackles when he wouldn't stand for the Canadian national anthem during a Toronto Blue Jays game, in Toronto. Cowley, again using satire as a defense, called Canada a "Third World country" and explained he didn't stand for "O, Canada" because hockey fans in Montreal booed "The Star Spangled Banner.".

Then there was the complete lack of objectivity Cowley displayed as he reported on the breakdown of the professional relationship between White Sox GM Kenny Williams and former manager Ozzie Guillen, in which Cowley laid the blame for the breakup squarely on Williams, and seem to relish in being as much a part of the story as Williams or Guillen.

It remains to be seen what, if any, punishment the Sun-Times will hand down to Cowley. But he was promoted to columnist after the Guillen-Williams flap. We wouldn't be surprised if the Sun-Times promoted him again, given all the publicity he's received.