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Video: How Alinea Painstakingly Prepares A Dish With 86 Ingredients

By Anthony Todd in Food on May 15, 2012 3:00PM

2012_5_15_Achatz.png Have you ever seen one of those crazy, artistic, 30-different-colors restaurant plates and wondered how it was done? Thanks to the talented chefs at Alinea, now you can see for yourself how the best restaurant in America puts together their creations. One of their dishes, centered around roasted lamb, showcases 86 different ingredients and is aptly named "Lamb 86." They participated in a video showing how it's all done.

This oddly compelling video is a great way to explain to nonbelievers why dining at a restaurant like Alinea costs what it does. You may not be interested in doing it, but it's definitely not a ripoff. The hours of effort contained in this one dish and the 86 different individual flavors that the guest can combine make this worth the dough. Of course, we don't have the dough, so we'll have to be content with watching the video.

The video was created by Christian Seel. Watch.