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Nick Offerman And Craig Robinson Are Back For Round 2

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on May 17, 2012 2:00PM

Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson from The Office are back with the latest installment of their Cubs-White Sox game of the dozens, promoting New Era ballcaps.

Unlike Round 1, which saw the two trade deadpan insults, Robinson—who saw his favorite team win a World Series in his lifetime—asks Offerman what he would do to see the Cubs win one. As Robinson raises the stakes, Offerman responds in increasing Swansonian fashion.

Robinson: "Would you give up deep dish pizza?"

Offerman: "I could stack up thin crusts. So: yes."

Robinson: "What if you had to trade in your car for a pig with a saddle on it?"

Offerman: "Absolutely. That'd be fantastic."

Robinson: "Yeah, yeah. You're right. that would be awesome. Never mind."

It's a strong follow-up on Round 1, playing up the Cubs century of futility without dipping immediately back into the "my team is better" meme. (Though, given the strength of the insults in the first installment, we wouldn't have minded a rehash.)