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KLUTCHclub Delivers Healthy Right To Your Door

By Michelle Meywes Kopeny in Arts & Entertainment on May 30, 2012 6:20PM

2012_5_30_MayBox_400.jpg We’d be among the first to admit it’s not easy having it all. We get it, you’re busy and you’re frugal, but you also (want to) care about staying healthy…and let’s not kid here ladies, we care about looking good, too. Hometown gal Julie Bashkin felt the same, herself working a 75+ hour work week, and the last thing she wanted to do with her free-time is sort through the latest products and fads. She wished that there was “a box of curated, healthy products that would magically appear right at her door,” so she created one.

Her baby, KLUTCHclub, is a subscription service that sends a themed box of holistic health, fitness and wellness goodies to your door once a month. We got to try May’s “Get Ready For Summer” box:

  • 2 ThinkThin Bars (gluten free)
  • O.N.E Coconut Water
  • Hydroxatone Instant Effect 90 Second Wrinkle-Reducer
  • One Class from
  • 2 $25 Moving Comfort Apparel gift cards
  • KLUTCHclub Water Bottle

We’re big on straightforward costs, so here are the deets: subscriptions come in one, three or twelve-month levels, and cost $18, $17 and $16/box, respectively. Yes, you have to pay upfront for the three and twelve month subscriptions, but if you opt for the one month option, it will auto-renew and you can cancel whenever you want.

Value? Check. One of the coupons alone is worth more than the cost of the box, so even if you only like half of what you get, you’re still getting more than your money’s worth. You might even discover your new favorite face wash/on-the-go snack/fitness site.

While the box won’t make you suddenly change your lifestyle, it might just make the world of health and wellness a little less daunting. But if you’re already a fitness nut, you’ll love getting a monthly package of treats in the mail. Plus, for your philanthropic side, KLUTCHclub often partners with a nonprofit charitable organization--next month’s theme is cente(RED)--use the gift code (RED) with your purchase and receive a 10% discount and profits will be donated to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

And guys, don’t be too jealous of your gal’s loot, KLUTCHmen is coming soon.

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