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Tony Rezko Admits To The Obvious And Cryptic In Sun-Times Interview

By Chuck Sudo in News on May 31, 2012 7:00PM

The Sun-Times ran an interview with Tony Rezko today in which the insider who helped raise money for both former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and President Obama expressed surprise that Blagojevich was so brazen in his attempts to sell the Senate Seat formerly held by Obama, railed against the justice system for his 10 1/2-year sentence, and took responsibility for both the actions that landed him in prison and some acts in which he said he hasn't been convicted.

Rezko denied that he bribed Blagojevich, that the rehab on the Blagojevich's Ravenswood Manor home performed by companies Rezko owned was on the level, and that Patti Blagojevich earned every penny of the $12,000 per month salary Rezko's realty company paid her.

Rezko expressed surprise that Blagojevich would be so careless as to be caught on wiretap trying to sell the Senate seat, which surprised us since Rezko also admitted Blago also knew about the pay-to-play schemes in which he was convicted.

“We would have the discussions. X, Y and Z made a $50,000 [contribution] and looking to be placed on a board, where should we place that person if that person specifically requested to be placed on board. Yeah. We had these discussions.”

And Rezko is still a bit perturbed at the stiff sentence handed down to him, which we can somewhat understand, given that he was in prison for nearly four years before the sentence was handed down.

“I was shocked. At no time I thought they’d give me 10 ½ years,” Rezko said. I was indicted, tried and convicted on a crime I did not commit … I have done things that I could have been indicted and tried for. I’m not saying I’m an angel,” Rezko said. “I did do things that were related to play-to-play. But I did not do what they indicted me and convicted me of.”