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Drew Peterson Says He's "Sick Of Being Called Sinister"

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Jun 5, 2012 8:40PM

Peterson's mugshot courtesy the Will County Sheriff's office, via NBC 5

Bolingbrook's least favorite cop, media whore and accused murderer Drew Peterson sat down for an interview with Michael Sneed of the Sun-Times, in which he says he's "very angry" and "sick of being called sinister."

As with any other time Peterson opens his mouth, he sounds like a jerk through the whole interview. For the record, we don't think we've ever called Peterson "sinister." That term implies a certain amount of suave intelligence. We have, however, thrown around terms like D-Pete/d-bag/douchebag/douchenozzle and attention whore.

The Sun-Times writes:

“I’m just a wise-ass [ex-cop] who gets in trouble for attempting to be funny,” Peterson told Sneed. “But what’s happening is not funny.

“I’m very angry about what has happened to me and my family— and especially the Illinois State Police unexpectedly interrogating my son Tom recently at college and questioning him for hours [about the death of his mother, Kathleen Savio].

Peterson is accused of murdering his third wife and is a suspect in the disappearend of his fourth wife. His trial is due to start in July. He's been in Will County jail since May 2009.

He says "his marriage choices were disastrous" and he probably never should've gotten married. Sneed says Peterson accepts no responsibility for the failure of his marriages, but he thinks he's a good father. Peterson even sneaked in a jab at Sneed's first name saying, “I thought you were a guy.”

"So what would be the first thing Peterson did if Stacy suddenly reappeared?" Sneed writes. “Ask her to sign the divorce papers,” Peterson said.