Indiana BP Refinery Finds Box Of Dead Monkeys

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Jun 7, 2012 9:10PM

Workers at the BP refinery in northwest Indiana were opening a crate of what was supposed to be equipment, but instead contained two dead Rhesus monkeys. Officials say the crate of what would've been valves had been shipped from India to the Whiting, Ind., facility, and it may have been stored for a long time. The Daily Herald writes:

The worker said monkeys were inside equipment in the crate, but they appeared to be less than 2 feet tall. He said the crate may have been stored at a warehouse for an extended period of time prior to being opened.

The worker said since the cargo arrived in Northwest Indiana from overseas, it should have received a more rigorous inspection. The worker also was concerned about potential health risks from the dead animals.

The refinery was immediately evacuated. BP spokesman Scott Dean told the AP the company reported findings to the Indiana Department of Fish and Wildlife, the federal Centers for Disease Control and customs. The company says employees were never in trouble.