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Serious Eats Chicago Crew Goes Food Buddha On Hot Doug's Menu

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jun 11, 2012 8:20PM

Photo by Debbie Carlos.
We think of ourselves as fairly serious foodies. We'll eat just about anything (no matter how strange) and try any restaurant (no matter how shady) and still return to report. After all, our lives are devoted to serving you, our faithful readers. However, we officially capitulate the foodie war for the month of June to the Serious Eats Chicago staff, who sacrificed themselves for all of us.

This past weekend, the Serious Eats crew (including Chicagoistos Amy Cavanaugh and Roger Kamholz) demolished the entire menu at Hot Doug's. That's right, every single sausage on the menu—all 25 of them. Watching the tweets was like watching a strange form of reality television, as the mood went from anticipation to excitement to a form of over-sated horror. It was like watching champion hot dog eater Takeru Kobayashi eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes; you're disgusted, but you can't look away and you strangely want a hot dog afterwards.

We dare you to look through the slideshow without craving a sausage. Serious Eaters, we tip our hats to you.