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Hooters Hot Wing Sauce, Guy Fieri Sauces Now "Ethnic"

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Jun 21, 2012 5:30PM


We live around the corner from a Cermak Fresh Market, which is great when we run out of things like berries, vegetables and other essentials of the kitchen. Like most supermarkets, Cermak Fresh Market has an "ethnic" aisle for ingredients used in Mexican/Latin American and Chinese/Thai/Korean and other Asian cuisines.

Until yesterday we had no idea White Trash was an ethnicity and not just a circumstance. What other explanation for finding Hooters hot wing sauces and Guy Fieri-branded sauces next to the Goya, La Preferida, Cholula and other brands? To be fair it appears that anything that can set your taste buds on fire has been thrown in the ethnic aisle. There's also Louisiana Hot Sauce and Tabasco stocked by the Tapatio sauce.

Maybe this is further proof that America is truly a melting pot.