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Today In "Joe Walsh Says Stupid Things:" Obama "Isn't Smart Enough" To Know What Tyrant Means

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jun 21, 2012 4:40PM


We should have started a series called "Joe Walsh Says Stupid Things" right after he was elected to Congress. Oh, well. The latest bout of verbal diarrhea to come from the Tea Party darling was at a town hall meeting in Elmhurst over the weekend.

Walsh was discussing President Obama's decision to stop the enforcement of deporting some undocumented immigrants under the age of 30 when he emitted this nugget. (Emphasis ours.)

"And again, fair is fair, you want a debate on the law fine have that debate. But right now it's a law on the books and you just told your law enforcement people don't enforce it. I was on one radio station and I said my god he's a tyrant. I don't know what else you call him. I don't want to give him that credit because I don't think he's smart enough. I think he's only doing this because he's campaigning, that's all the guy knows. So I don't want to call him a tyrant, because he really isn't smart enough to know what that means. But in one fell swoop he just made 800,000 illegal immigrants, let's call it legal, and gave them the ability to work here legally."

Bold words coming from a politician who can't even speak at a Grade 9 level. Walsh spokesman Christian Morgan doubled down on his boss' comments.

“The president’s ... disdain for democracy and the American people is clear: He ... bypassed Congress with his executive order granting a temporary amnesty to nearly 1 million illegal immigrants.”

Which prompted a reply from Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

“The president is using the same powers previous Republican and Democratic presidents have used, powers Congress has given him in the law to prioritize deportations,” Gutierrez said. “The president doesn’t want to waste scarce resources on young immigrants who have bright futures when we could be using those resources to go after bad guys and I absolutely agree that the president has set a sensible course of action.”

The Department of Homeland Security, following up on Obama's announcement, said the rule would be applied to law abiding undocumented workers under the age of 30 who arrived in the U.S. before teh age of 16; have lived in the country continuously for at least five years; be a current student, high-school graduate or general equivalency degree recipient; or be an honorably discharged member of the U.S. military. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said the new policy was a "firm and sensible" way to enforce U.S. immigration laws, allowing them to better enforce the deportation of undocumented workers with criminal histories and to give more consideration to individual circumstances.