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Phil's Last Stand Dares You To Risk A Heart Attack

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jun 26, 2012 7:00PM

2012_6_25_PoBoy.jpg Everyone's heard of these silly challenges: eat a 760 ounce steak in 25 seconds and get a free napkin, or something of that sort. Well, Phil's Last Stand is seriously raising the stakes (and the risks) and you could win more than $1000. You also might cause your stomach to explode, but we're sure people will go for it.

When this came into our inbox, we couldn't quite believe anyone had actually tried it. The big challenge is the "Fatso Po'Boy Challenge," which dares you to consume a six pound shrimp Po'Boy, a pound of fries and a 32 ounce drink, all within 60 minutes. For some reason, the Po'Boy immensity was expressed in terms of iPhone lengths (the sandwich is apparently three iPhone's long, one in height and one in width) rather than in calories. We conservatively calculate that the fried shrimp alone in this sandwich contain over 5000 calories, and let's not even talk about the fries.

What do you get? Unlike most of these challenges, this one is kind of like the Powerball - the prize gets bigger the longer no one wins. For every challenger that fails, Phil adds $100 to the pot. The last winner won $1000 and a t-shirt, and was immortalized on a plaque at the restaurant. No word as to whether that plaque is also the intrepid eater's memorial.

If you're a bit less brave, there's also a burger challenge - eat a 5 pound burger and fries in less than 45 minutes, and you get a gift card. If you're gonna try it, at least go for the money and eat the shrimp.

Phil's Last Stand is located at 2258 W. Chicago Ave.