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Blago "Totally Bored" With Prison

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jun 27, 2012 3:55PM

So how is Rod Blagojevich handling prison 90 days into his 14-year sentence for corruption? According to Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, Blago may finally be recognizing the seriousness of the term.

Sneed spoke with Blagojevich's lugubrious former attorney Sam Adam, Jr., who indicated the "carpe diem" spirit that informed the former governor's early days in prison has been replaced by ennui. Adam, Jr. told Sneed that Blagojevich is "totally bored" in prison and is still scrubbing pots and pans in the prison scullery while he awaits the opportunity to teach inmates Greek mythology and Shakespeare. “But (the prison) has yet to do the switch,” Adam said.

It's a far cry from when Blagojevich reported to the Federal Correctional Center Englewood in Colorado to begin his sentence. He was reported to have made fast friends in prison and Adam, Jr. said at the time Blago was tanned and starting to build up a little bit of muscle. Adam's father, Sam Adam, has been sending Blagojevich a book a week to read to occupy his mind, while Patti Blagojevich is selling insurance and working to make ends meet for the family.